Top 10 Most Common Health Problem due to Stress


Top 10 Most Common Health Problem due to Stress

Health problem is one of the most common issue nowadays. Good health is, who has ability to deal with biological, physical, psychological and social stress. If you can deal with all of this, mean that you have good health. Nowadays most of the people are suffering from health problem, due to unhealthy diet, Exercise. Sleep, self care etc.

health problem

There are number of health issue but most common health issue is diseases. According to survey by 36 millions people die due to non-contagious diseaseevery year which include, diabetes, cancer, lungs, diseases and cardiovascular disease.

Most common health problem among children is malnutrition. It affect the most in young children approx 7 million children under the age of 5 suffers from malnutrition.

The following are some health problem related to stress.

1) Headache :-  It is one kind of pain to brain. pressure around your forehead or back of your neck or head, tightness is called headache. If your are having headache for more than 2 weeks Then it is called episodic tension headache. If its often happens more than two weeks than it is called chronic headache.

Causes of headache :- There are numbers of ways but most common causes is stress (stress due to work, family, school, friend etc. Headache are also caused by following reasons.

  • ­Not enough rest.
  • Low iron level.
  • Bad posture
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional/Mental stress
  • Fatique
  • Sleep problem
  • Stomach upset

2) Asthma :-  Stress has much severe effect on asthma. If you are suffering from asthma you should avoid stress. Asthma required regular maintenance therapy.

How to manage stress with asthma

  • Get proper sleep:- Improper sleep is one of the major reason for stress, which in turn can have huge impact on asthma. So to avoid this take proper sleep.
  • Avoid stressful situation:- Avoid condition which can cause you stress such as money, relation, work etc. If you cant resolve this health problem then take the help of doctors.
  • Exercise daily:- Exercise is the best method to get rid of stress which in return will save you from asthma attack.
  • Delegate responsibility:- Two much of responsibility can causes stress, to avoid this take help of friends, family to share your loa.

3) Heart disease :- Researches had observed that stress can cause higher risk of high blood pressure and heart problem. It has directly effect on heart causing increasing release of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood.


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4) Depression and anxiety :- Stress is directly proportional to depression. higher the stress, higher the rate of depression and anxiety. Survey has found that most of the people supers from depression due to their work load.

5) Diabetes :-  Stress can have worst effect on diabetes in many ways, it gives rise to glucose level and can cause bad behaviour of likelihood such as excessive drinking and unhealthy eating.

6) Accelerated Aging :-  A wide range of studies has proved that stress can also be caused by long term unemployment, social isolation and untreated depression. Can result in increasing aeging process by decreasing the length of DNA strand.

7) Digestion :-  According to MD, Professor of medicine Kenneth Koch says that “stresscan affect every part of digestive system” Enteric nervous system controls the digestion system which communicates with central nerves. Which slow down the digestion system because nervous system shuts blood flow. It can also causes inflammation of gastrointestinal system.

8) Premature death :-  It has been observed than people dealing in stress dies early as compared to people who are stress free.

9) Obesity :-  Most of the people with excessive fat in belly suffers from health problemStress causes higher level of cortisol hormone which increases the fat that deposited in abdomen.

10) Alzheimess disease :- To much of stress can lead to depression and dementia. Ancienty and chronic stress has great impact on brain which has capacity to damage the brain too, which can even lead into memory loss, over thinking or even alzheimer’s disease.

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