How to get rid of Blemishes – Home Made Remedies


How to get rid of Blemishes

A – General Information
We all have been there, sharing the same problem over and over again – blemishes. They are light brown or dark spots on skin you can easily notice, or skin discoloration in another word. As it cause uneven skin tone, this can be really annoying and actually a nightmare for so many people, especially women, those who adore glowing and flawless skin. Any skin discoloration can be classified as blemishes, namely sun sports, liver spots. freckles , moles, skin tags and so forth.

Blemishes are more likely to appear on skin, however, it does not mean that blemishescan except any part of the body. You can also find blemishes around your face, necks and shoulders. They are not at all a health issue that cause you irritating, however, they can dramatically affect one’s appearance. They show up in various size and can be noticed at any age. If not treated, they can get spread all over the face to other parts of body.
There are many reasons leading to blemishes, mostly internal reasons such as genetics, aging, imbalance of hormones and the most common one is frequent exposure to UV rays.

B – How to get rid of Blemishes naturally
 Blemishes are not at all serious health issue and they are quite common. However, it is not at all easy to get rid of. As blemishes have something to do with genetic, which is from the inside, so it will take time to get rid of. We can easily fix blemishes caused by exposure with UV rays. There are in fact natural home remedies you can apply at home to get rid of blemishes. They are super effective to try without causing any side effect. The plus side people prefer natural home remedies are they cost almost nothing and cause no irritation or breakouts in your skin.

Following are some popular home remedies have been tried and tested that work.

  1. Lemon paste
    Normally, if you want to get even skin tone, it is ideal that you could go for natural ingredients that are rich in vitamin C. Lemon is Citrus fruit, which makes it number one ingredient to treat blemishes. Moreover, lemon is also known as skin-brighten fruit that can treat dark spots and hyperpigmentationmostly thanks to its bleaching effect.
    To get the best of lemon, you had better making yogurt lemon face masks.
    ● Squeeze ½ lemon into a cup.
    ● Add along with unsweetened yogurt and mix them well together.
    ● Apply all over washed face and leave it there for 10 minutes.
    ● Rinse off with warm water after that and apply favorite moisturiser.
    You can apply this mask 3 times a week for 2 months, you will find the miracle on skin.
  2. Aloe Vera
    This ingredient is packed with high amount of vitamins and minerals, which are all essential to skin health, giving it glowing and radiant look. Therefore, it can be made as wonderful ingredient for curing blemishes skin. People also make use of aloe vera as acne treatments. The tip of using it is quite simple:
    ● Cut open Aloe Vera to get the gel, leave out the peel as it is not good for skin.
    ● Mix the gel with a bit of honey and lemon to have perfect paste then apply all over the face.
    ● Leave it there for 2 or 3 minutes then rinsing off with warm water after that.
    ● Remember to apply your favorite moisturizer as it might dry out your skin the very next day.
    ● Apply this mask twice a week and you will notice different result.
  3. Cucumber
    This water-based fruit is such a salvation for dry skinand blemished skin is not exception as it can give your skin younger and fresh look. The plus side of cucumber is that you do not at all have to worry about side effect cucumber might bring – zero irritants. You can either eat cucumber raw to get benefit internally or apply over your face. The tip is super simple as follow:
  • Choose fresh cucumber from fridge for more relaxing benefit.
    ● Cut into slices then apply all over the washed face.
    ● Wait a while then rinsing off with water after 20 minutes.
  1. Tomato
    One of the best skinfood you can treat your face is tomato. This fruit is super rich in vitamin A, which gives skinyounger and brighter look as it can help to even skintone. Moreover, tomato is good to smoothen your skin as no other ingredient can. This is the reason why there are so many skin care product out there using tomatoes as main ingredient. To get the best of tomatoes, you can either drink tomatoes juice, eat them raw or apply tomato facemask. To get the perfect facemask, you can follow these steps.
    ● Choose fresh and clean tomatoes then cut them in small pieces.
    ● Grind them well then add one teaspoon honey for antibacterial benefits.
    ● Wash your face, leave it to dry then apply this facemask all over.
    ● Leave the mask to absorb into skin then rinse off well with warm water after 15 minutes.
    ● Apply this facemask 3 times a week and you will find huge different on skin.
  2. Potato
    Potato is wonderful skin-brighten agent that you can use at home thanks to its bleaching effect. Therefore, it will treat blemish skineffectively in a short while. Moreover, there are vitamin B, C1 and C2 in potato that work wonders strengthening your skin. You will need apply mashed potato face maskwith yogurt on your skin.
    ● Boil potato then get rid of the peel.
    ● Cut into slice then grind them well to get a paste.
    ● Add one teaspoon honey and lemon into the paste then mix them well together to get smooth texture.
    ● Apply on skin evenly and wait for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
    ● You need to practice this method twice a week to notice different result.


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