You must know 6 things before training yoga teacher

things before training yoga teacher

You must know 6 things before training yoga teacher

I find the hardest thing for some people to make a commitment for a few days. Your intentions are great, but the execution is terrible. Why can not people make commitment easily? Have we become a nation of commitment? Why can not we live with our word? When you used to say that something you did when it meant something. Now we are always looking to avoid our commitments.

For example, take your yoga practice, why is it so difficult to stay at our mat and practice yoga? I struggle with it every day. I fixed an intention every morning. I know that only 10 minutes a day can make me feel so better. When I practice regular yoga, I am the best. Why can not I always commit to feeling good?

This event is also present for yoga teacher training. I facilitate yoga teacher training, and this is my fourth year. Every summer, I sit in front of potential yoga teachers during my application process for the September semester and I set the expectations. They go ahead to tell me about their practice and dedication to being a yoga teacher, and I trust them. But every year, I have to talk hard about my commitment to some of my teachers. It does not surprise me that why people yoga teachers sign up for training fall from the wagon. Why is it too difficult to remain committed to yoga teacher training?

things before training yoga teacher

Are you certain that you can be committed?

Do not misunderstand me, I always have some teachers in my training who get excellence beyond all my expectations. But there are always some people who do not know how deep training will be, and lack of commitment to leave or just take simple training seriously. It is such waste of time and money of everyone because yoga teacher training is equally difficult for the student and the teacher.

I take yoga teacher training very seriously. I respect the profession which is it. It is important that we, in the form of yoga teachers, keep this tradition in the highest respect. We must be truthful to uphold the integrity of education and teachings and practice.

If you are ready to make a commitment to teaching the old practice of this age, then you should be honest with yourself. You have to take time and energy to be a good student. The integrity of this practice begins with your commitment to upholding tradition.

If you are thinking about training the teacher then you need to know this.

  1. Yoga teacher begins to make a commitment to be well-trained. Go to a respected, prestigious teacher training facility and immerse yourself in the experience.
  2. It means practicing yoga every day. You learn most from your personal practice and experiences.
  3. Take training seriously and respect the time and commitment of your yoga teacher; Come on in the classroom and be prepared to learn.
  4. Teacher training means that you are coming to the sauce, and are open to being weak.
  5. Understanding creative criticism is designed to help you become a better teacher.
  6. Being a yoga teacher means being a trained professional, treat them as one.

I have said it earlier and I will say it again: This yoga path is very challenging but if you work, it is also very beneficial. If you decide to take teacher training, be committed to your whole heart. Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time.

Remember that your actions speak out loud to your words! If you talk, make sure that you are committed and you also walk.

I hope our yoga teacher training will be a doodle! The word “surprisingly funny” and “easy” was the thought of when I booked my training.

I will never forget the first day of training in my first grade with lore in frog lotus yoga in Massachusetts, USA. This was the most challenging class I ever had and I was discussing later. I was full of excitement for what was to come and where my journey would take me.

I soon learned that there is a huge difference between taking a few yoga classes each week and standing up to teach yoga classes. When you go to your chutney at the top of the room, as a yoga teacher, your students are putting their trust in you. Your knowledge should go beyond stringing some pauses with some good music, in fact, to know why you are asking someone to pose, how to make a sequence of intelligence, and how to teach your students during practice Develop and develop their borders or injuries on any given day can help.

If you want to become an amazing yoga teacher, you will need to work hard all the time on that training. Your study should not end after your 200hr training, in fact, it is only the beginning. It is the responsibility of a teacher to grow and learn because they teach to be the best. Yoga teaching is a career choice, it is a profession and should be considered in this way.

My 200-hour training was intensive, very intensive. I studied night and day with my fellow trainees, interrogated each other at every opportunity. We practiced new formulations, created a sequence for teaching, learning Sanskrit and then interrogated each other! We cried, we laughed, and we cried a little more. I was immersed in yoga and due to this I returned home and I am ready to share my passion for practice as my full-time career. It was a wonderful life transformational journey and I am grateful for that experience every day and where he brought me into my life.

Now not only is a teacher but a teacher of teachers, he is running his own yoga teacher training, I stand on top of the class of excitement for my students because they embrace this adventure in the unknown. I try to give my students support in every possible way to become unbelievable Yoga teachers ready to come on a new path of life.

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